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Payroll Bureau

For SMEs dealing with payroll calculations, deductions, dos and don’ts can be a daunting task; it can all get incredibly complicated and take up far too much of your valuable time. As you expand and take on more staff it will only get more confusing as well as time consuming, let us as payroll experts nab that hassle from your hands and come to the rescue!

Top Reasons to Turn to Rapid Payroll:

  1. No jargon, no fuss – We always talk to you in plain English

  2. One point of contact – You’ll never be passed from pillar to post

  3. Highly experience and qualified team

  4. Fixed fees – No surprises

  5. Correspondence is key – We’ll always be available when you need us

We run our payroll bureau with no jargon and we’re not going to baffle you with industry terms but talk to you only in plain English. We think it’s important to be approachable, great communicators and to keep it real (we’re not about to start rapping but stuffy suits are a no in our office). 

Rapid Payroll has a tight nit team of highly qualified payroll experts that will organise your payroll, work out all your deductions and calculations and do so quickly, with a smile on our face and freeing up your valuable time!

Our fees are fixed and invoiced monthly so there are no hidden charges or nasty surprises, you know exactly how much it will cost you each month. We never outsource any of our payroll work and you will have one unique contact that will be based in Rapid Payroll’s East Yorkshire office. 

We’re fully up to speed when it comes to current legislation and will guide you through any changes to PAYE, the introduction of pensions, student loan deductions, the impacts of Real Time Information requirements and ensuring you adhere to minimum wage regulations.

The charge per month for handling your company’s payroll will depend on the number of staff you employ. For a no obligation quote on passing over the chore of dealing with the payroll each month, call Rapid Payroll today!

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