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A career spanning four decades with countless accolades, achievements and having influenced hundreds of thousands of likeminded individuals, it would be fair to say Judge Jules has been astronomically successful in what he set out to do. Born with a passion of dance music, his DJ career kicked off in 1987 and has never stopped soaring ever since. Fast forward to today and Judge Jules has ticked every box – Superstar DJ, Award Winning Producer, Trusted A&R, Globally Recognised Radio Presenter, Ibiza Legend, Taste-maker, Music Lawyer and now successful Social Media Live Streamer and Live Band Performer – he literally never stops pushing!

He’s been the guiding light for an entire generation whilst being at the helm of Kiss FM and BBC Radio 1 and has continued to have a hugely successful airwave presence on his weekly radio show The Global Warm Up, which has recently reached its 900th episode. His Judgement brand dominated the San Antonio listings for 16 years with it still pulling crowds for one off specials that are carefully curated by the man himself. He’s released 100s of tracks, many of which have ended up in the Top 40 UK National Single Charts and Beatport’s Top 10s and mixed timeless compilations that have documented the history of the dance scene and are still purchased today. 

Jules has headlined so many iconic events such as Gatecrasher, Ministry of Sound, Godskitchen and Cream, he’s played unforgettable sets at the likes of Radio 1 in Ibiza, GCSSS, Creamfields and Global Gathering, hosted BBC Radio 1 live on site broadcasts, regularly featured in the DJ Mag Top 100 and had Mixmag crown him as their #1. He’s been named Best International DJ by the Dancestar Awards and Best Radio DJ by Smirnoff, all accolades many can only dream of achieving. It could be understood if he announced he wanted to take his foot off the peddle a little, but there’s not one dot of a chance of that happening anytime soon. 

As with anyone in the entertainment industry in the last year, Judge Jules has had to adapt to the parameters inflicted upon us thanks to the global pandemic. But he has certainly not let it dampen his resolve, in fact you could say it’s further stoked the fire in his belly. Determined to help keep people’s spirits up, he began regularly hosting live sessions through Home Rave in a style that only Jules can pull off and these have become hugely popular across the world, doing exactly what he set out to do – uniting people with music! 

Once the world can finally physically unite again, Jules is back out on the road with his incredibly successful live band experience that began performing in 2019 to rave reviews. With a 10 piece band including amazing vocalists, Jules has put together a reworked, revitalised production of awesome, legendary tracks and developed into a show stopping performance that has been ripping up dancefloors across the UK. With no less than 30 confirmed shows waiting to be given the green light through the remainder of 2021 and into 2022, there’s a serious amount of excitement brewing in the Judge Jules camp!

Alongside his online and offline performances, Jules is now a partner in the Sound Advice law firm, a profession that has always been very close to his heart and one he takes great pride in. His clients can’t ask for a more experienced and trusted advisor. 

Phases come and go, genres are born and laid to rest in the blink of an eye, but one thing is for certain… The Judge still won’t budge. 

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