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Product Description

This large capacity battery is designed for the Cybercig U Fill range. Capable of delivering up to 900 inhalations from a single charge, this high-powered 1100mah battery, will keep your electronic cigarette going for longer.

Each recharge only takes 3-5 hours and with the lithium battery featuring a ‘5 click’ On/Off LED with a manual activation means that this E-Cig will only use power when you want it to. This XL battery is compatible with all the Cybercig U Fill products, including the CE4 and CE5 U Fill tank systems. 

The 1100mah E-Cig battery will make your Cybercig U Fill Cigarette go on and on and on and on and ON! 


Battery name: Cybercig U Fill XL1100mah

Power: 1100mAh

Size: Length 9.7cm

Operating Voltage: 3.3v to 4.2v

Weight: 35g to 40g

Fully charged the XL battery provides approximately 900 inhalations       

Charge Time: Up to 5 hours with a Cybercig Wall Charger

Lifespan: Up to 300 charge cycles or 2 to 3 months approximately

Compatible with: Cybercig Electronic Cigarette U Fill systems. 

Safe operation of the XL battery

We recommend that the XL battery be kept in the switched off/safe mode position when not in use; this is to avoid accidental operation of the battery. 

Starting from the off/safe mode position: You can determine if the battery is set in the off/safe mode position by depressing the LED once, if the LED illuminates the battery is switched on, if the LED does not illuminate the battery is set in the off/safe mode position.

- Click the circular LED button 5 times to turn on the battery.

- Press and hold the button during inhalations.

-  Release the button after each inhalation.

 - To turn off the battery, click the LED button 5 times.

Charging the battery

The battery is ready for charging when the LED flashes rapidly during normal use.

  • Unscrew the battery from the tank by turning the battery anti-clockwise.

  • Screw the battery in to the USB provided with your Cybercig U Fill Kit by turning the battery clockwise. Caution, do not over tighten the battery in the USB.

  • For best results charge the battery with a wall charger. Wall chargers are available from your local Cybercig Stockist or our website.

  • You can charge the battery by plugging in the USB to a USB port on your computer but the charging time may be longer than those stated previously.

  • When plugged in and turned on the LED on the USB will glow red, this indicates that the battery is in charge mode.

  • When the USB light turns green the battery is fully charged

  • Turn off the wall charger as soon as the battery is fully charged. 

  • Remove the battery from the USB by turning the battery anti-clockwise.

General Battery Safety Tips:

Please do not:

  1. Leave a battery on charge overnight

  2. Charge a battery for longer than stated

  3. Leave a battery charging while unattended

  4. Carry a battery in your pocket with keys and loose coins

  5. Charge a battery with a damaged adaptor

  6. Attempt to modify the battery or e-cigarette

  7. Expose the battery to extreme heat source

Please Do:

  1. Avoid risk of static electricity

  2. Use the adaptor supplied with your e-cigarette

  3. Keep your batteries away from extreme sources of heat

  4. Keep your battery out of the reach of children at all times

  5. When not in use store your battery in a cool dry place

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