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The home is where the heart is, our little oasis away from the bustling world around us that we love to fill with pieces that reflect our style and personality. I’ve always had a passion for the individual, the unique and inspiring additions to life that make it that extra bit special and this has ended up being the cornerstone of my business.

I tirelessly search for what I know my customers would dream of owning and present a carefully chosen collection of old and new, loved and well used, functional and aesthetic pieces with timeless appeal.

You’ll often find my products take a lead from nature, made from natural materials, a palette of chalky whites and earth hues, all complemented by contrasting textures and unique uses.

I pride myself on offering a range of items that are rarely seen on the high street. I have many limited editions, one-off pieces and sometimes products never before available from within the UK.   

Creating a home, a workspace or an entertaining place that just echoes your passions in a creative and individual way can give immense pleasure, it’s my pleasure to be able to offer my customers the products to do just that.

If you can’t see what you’re looking for, please do get in touch.

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