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Hervé – Boy Racer MK1 EP
Cheap Thrills
27th July 2018

Riding the 10th anniversary celebratory wave of ‘Cheap Thrills’, Hervé dishes up yet another class act EP in the form of ‘Boy Racer’. Three tracks that show off his masterful skills when it comes to blending influences from a diverse range of genres to create, what can only be described as, a perfectly polished dancefloor destroyer.

First to the plate is the title track ‘Boy Racer’. Here you’ll find a melting pot of disco, 90s house, heavy basslines, a catchy vocal and the je ne sais quoi that results in a track that is 100% guaranteed to do the damage. The drumroll into the break gives the gritty bassline the introduction it deserves before handing the baton back to the keys, a pairing that has this track skidding into the realms of a future classic. 

Next up is ‘I Don’t Know’ – yet another eclectic mix that harks back to a time when acid house ruled the world, when a bassline carried you to the dancefloor and a vocal almost became a part of your club loving DNA. You can literally hear Hervé’s history in the arrangement, how he pulls from his experience through the decades to conjure up almost a psychedelic superpower, house music that accelerates to a whole new level.

The final track on the EP is ‘Destiny’ – where a piano takes the centre stage alongside a massive vocal. This is a masterclass in making incredible music that evokes memories. If you were knee deep in clubs in the 1990s this will be like your most delicious nectar. If you’re just starting to explore the intricate paths that house music weaves, this treble hit EP will open a window into a whole new world – and you will love it. 


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