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Medicur – The easy, drug free, solution to a pain free lifestyle.

Well documented to ease chronic pain, Medicur is a hand held device that is now available for home use.  Championed by the NHS to treat patients with a range of different ailments that are often difficult to provide remedies for, such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Sciatica, Neuralgia, Joint Pain, Back Pain and many other life affecting conditions.  Medicur has revolutionised drug-free pain relief.

Medicur provides effective pain relief for chronic pain and painful debilitating conditions by releasing gentle, electromagnetic pulses that penetrate deep and directly into the affected areas. This painless process supplies a release from constant pain and reduces symptoms. 

This tidy, light and portable device is powered via batteries therefore allowing the user to take advantage of this valuable healing aid wherever they may be. There are no leads, no complicated operating systems and no lengthy instruction booklets, Medicur is simple to use and can be discreetly carried on your person.

Clinically tested and a Class 11a device, Medicur has provided outstanding results to hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, improving their lifestyle, reducing their pain and offering them a safe and natural treatment alternative.

In just 2 – 6 weeks Medicur, which can be used safely alongside other medications and pacemakers, will begin to take affect and reduce your pain. By stimulating your body’s natural pain suppressors, this drug free pain relief device can increase your mobility, allow you to get back to pastimes you enjoy and it also offers a lifetime of cost effective pain relief. 

Manufactured in the UK, Medicur comes with a 5 year guarantee. It also comes with a 90 day money back guarantee if you don’t see the benefits and reduction in your pain, Medicur is completely confident you will see results from this user friendly, self managed pain relief device.  With just three 10 minute drug free and side effect free treatments a day that are effective through clothing, Medicur’s operation could not be easier. 

Medicur is actively used in NHS hospitals and recommended by a whole host of Doctors and Physiotherapists –

“Medicur is beneficial in reducing pain” – Kings College Hospital, London.

“Medicur could be the biggest breakthrough in natural chronic pain relief ever” – D.R. Snowden, Chairman at Snowden Healthcare.

“Our results show that Medicur can be a cost effective and user friendly method of self managed chronic pain relief” – NHS Clinical Department.


  • Drug free pain relief

  • Side effect free pain relief

  • Portable

  • No leads

  • No electrodes

  • Easy to use

  • Battery operated

  • Just three 10 minute treatments per day

  • 5 year manufacturers warrantee

  • 90 “Best For You” Guarantee

  • Effective through clothing

  • Treats area of up to 12” or 30cm

  • You will begin to feel improvement within just 2 – 6 weeks

  • 85% of customers experience a significant reduction in pain in 6 weeks

  • Cost effective

Medicur: Features
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