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Lamarre and Kizzie chose the beautiful setting of Elmers Court for their special day, a venue set in the New Forest with gorgeous views across the Solent over to the Isle of Wight – sometimes you have to take a moment to realise how lovely it is where we live, a perfect backdrop for a wedding!

A huge bonus to the outstanding summer we’ve had is couples have been able to marry under the blue skies and sunshine of this exceptional weather – Lamarre & Kizzie were among those lucky ones, with the ceremony set to be held on the lawn in front of the hotel with the sea behind them, I knew we’d be getting some extraordinary photos!

As Kizzie got ready with her bridesmaids, I began to capture images as the excitement and trepidation built. The hours before the bride walks down the aisle can be such a mix of emotion, with weeks of preparation knowing that the day has finally arrived is almost unbelievable – have we remembered everything, is everyone on time?! This all soon disappears as the bride is helped into her dress, her hair and make up perfecting the look she’s dreamt of – ready to take those short few steps to meet her groom.

The detail on Kizzie’s dress as well as Lamarre’s amazing suit where shots I knew I had to get, just like how the bouquet was bound and the pillow upon which the rings were presented – it’s little things like this about the day that in 20 – 30 years might end up a little hazy so to be able to capture those moments and memories forever is what wedding photography is all about.

One thing I’m sure neither of them will ever forget is that first moment they saw each other as Kizzie made her way down the aisle – the pride in Lamarre’s eye as his soon to be wife arrived and the love they both shone with as they said their ‘I dos’.

We took full advantage of the gardens for the after ceremony photos and with a little height between myself and the guests grabbed a great ‘from above’ photo of all the family and friends – I’ve seen many of these shots before and taken many myself but they are such a great way of fitting everyone in without the people at the back getting completely lost! So, I would recommend when looking for your wedding venue, if you spot a place where this would be a possibility, remember to tell you photographer!

Another fabulous few shots we got on the day included Lamarre and Kizzie’s son and daughter – picture perfect images that will definitely take a proud spot in this wedding album.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own wedding, scroll through the below photos and if you’d be interested in me photographing your special day, please do get in touch!

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