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My entire career has been shaped around the power of, and my admiration for, the written word. An integral part of my roles as a Marketing Manager, PR Director, Social Media Consultant and, of course, as a Copywriter.

I often think alongside great wine and stinky cheese, I’m part fuelled by my passion for writing and the escapism it provides me with, so I find it hugely satisfying to work alongside clients to create the copy they've been scratching their heads trying to muster. I understand how difficult it can be coming up with the right text on a deadline, especially when you’re emotionally invested and tight for time.... the more pressure you’re under, the longer you’re likely to stare at that painfully blank word doc!

Just like a chef enjoys seeing their guests gobble up their creations, I enjoy seeing my customers devour what I dish up too - if you’d like me to play a small part in your recipe for success, then I’m more than happy to help.

If you'd like to read examples of my work, scroll below to my blog. I have a huge range of experience from 20 years working in the music industry in marketing and PR, to creating copy for educational purposes, industrial, entertainment, financial, retail and much more. I've even written 500 words on Directional Drilling and Auger Boring in the past so I'm pretty confident I can deliver whatever copy a client may require!

I'm always up for a challenge, so if you've got some text that needs writing and you are struggling to find the words, drop me a line.



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If you’ve landed on this site looking for SLK, I’m afraid it is no more! After 10 awesome years I decided to slow down a little and be present for my family as much as they need me. Although proud to be a hardworking Mum, the commitment needed to run a successful PR company, albeit with lovely staff, no longer fits the life plan.

If you would still like help with copywriting then please do feel free to get in touch, I’ll also be happy to recommend other PR Agencies and Designers if you need them.

To anyone who was part of the SLK story - TA VERY MUCH 😘


Kelly is a versatile and talented creative writer. As a Marketing Manager I have found her work consistently creative and professional when preparing press releases, web and social media content and I particularily enjoy her injection of humour to many pieces! I only have to give her a phrase, an image or a concept and she can turn it into a fantastic piece of writing quickly and with real flair - which makes her utterly invaluable to me!

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